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America is a beauty dresses up with money She appears magnetic even without some history Millions of migrants rush at this country They say it’s a heaven and everything looks dreamy They enjoy MacDonald’s no matter whether it is tasty They love pop music as it makes heart comfy They’re fond of liberty so it seems they’re free They appreciate public welfare although it comes from their taxes America is a beauty everybody told me We’d like to give up everything just for an citizen identity And when I ask why they all laugh at me It needs no reason to believe otherwise you’re just silly Songs say “God bless America” so the land should be safety Even sometime God forgot President Bush was on duty See he revenged our insult on more and more enemies So nobody dares to doubt now America’s dignity Don’t you think that’s enough to make you love this country Don’t you think it worth fighting for this dreamland over the sea So stop asking questions here and go back to study If someday you got your offers you might get chance to go and see You’ll see everything I said is true and fell in love with this country They said it again and again until my ears began to ring I think I was scared stood there dumbly At last I said something which drives them crazy “ I still dare not to love this beauty coz I have no money.”
2003-12-14 23:18:41
   有意思,你的美国朋友发给你的吧? >meomery(潇潇):America is a beauty >meomery(潇潇):dresses up with money >meomery(潇潇):She appears magnetic >meomery(潇潇):even without some history Million...
2003-12-15 15:21:44
   你没看出那语气是个面对出国潮的中国人写的吗? 呵呵,是偶自己胡编的~ >jake(sage):有意思,你的美国朋友发给你的吧? >jake(sage): >jake(sage):>meomery(潇潇):America is a beauty >jake(sage):>meomery(潇潇):dresses up with money >meomery(潇...
2003-12-15 23:57:43
   啊!看不出来,佩服佩服啊! >meomery(潇潇):你没看出那语气是个面对出国潮的中国人写的吗? >meomery(潇潇):呵呵,是偶自己胡编的~ >meomery(潇潇): >meomery(潇潇):>jake(sage):有意思,你的美国朋友发给你的吧? >jake(sage): >jake(sage):>meom...
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